Watch epidemic of robbery in London

Watch epidemic of robbery in London 14 June 2023

According to the police, this is now a more lucrative business for gangs than drug trafficking. Only 6,000 watches were stolen in London last year, and since 2018 there have been

There are 2 ways to track:
  ⁃ first, in wealthy areas there are sent people who are already going after the victims
  ⁃ second: the robbers are on social networks, they see a photo of a watch with a marked or recognizable location and follow the victim

One of the main reasons is very simple - in England, only 5% of police officers have weapons. First of all, these are employees working at airports, as well as guarding the embassy, police officers from rapid and armed response groups

The roots of this decision lie in history. in 1829, the famous politician Robert Peel created the prototype of the modern police. And to distinguish the police from the military, Peel abolished the carrying of firearms. This rule is still in effect.


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