The History of Rolex and Domino's Collaboration

The History of Rolex and Domino's Collaboration 14 June 2023

In the 1980s, pizza chain Domino's partnered with Rolex to motivate franchise managers to keep sales high. If the profit was held at $25,000 for four weeks, the manager received an Air-King with the Domino's logo. Now these watches have become collectible. In 2020, Christie's sold one of these models for $20,000, and in 2021 another one for $22,000 😮

Rolex doesn't do that, but its "little brother" Tudor does. An example was recently released for the Rowing Blazers brand (an American brand of clothing and accessories). But these watches will not be sold in the public domain. Tudor requested a list of those who would receive the watch in order to engrave their initials on the case back and prevent it from being sold on the secondary market 🧐


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