Aventi Watches: Rising Star or Fading Hype?

 Aventi Watches: Rising Star or Fading Hype? 01 March 2024

Are you familiar with the Aventi brand? Most likely not yet, although many watch experts are already calling this brand an alternative to Richard Mille and comparing their watches to supercars.

Numerous authoritative publications, ranging from Forbes to Watchfinder, have published laudatory reviews about them. Additionally, they are endorsed by recognized world opinion leaders and watch collectors. The flashy headlines of articles about "a toy for billionaires for $1000" undoubtedly attract attention, but also raise natural questions.

Let's delve into whether we are dealing with a new serious player in the watch market or inflated expectations.

The idea behind the founding of this young brand by Hannu Siren was to create an affordable yet high-quality tourbillon timepiece with a unique and recognizable design, utilizing modern materials.

The brand's concept is quite interesting: no watchmakers, boutiques, factories, or offices. What does this mean?

Apart from being founded in 2020 through crowdfunding, raising over $750,000 at the start, the brand has outsourced everything. Their watches are assembled at the manufacturing facilities of other brands, and sales occur remotely.

Aventi deliberately opted for a Chinese alternative from PTS Resources and Hangzhou Watch Company that complies with ISO 9000 standards in place of the expensive Swiss tourbillon. They have further refined this movement with the assistance of leading specialists. Unlike many manufacturers who attempt to hide the use of Chinese components, Aventi's CEO openly acknowledges it, stating: "Everyone assumes that a watch has to be Swiss in order to be worth anything. Aventi proves them wrong." According to him, accuracy and reliability do not necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag.

Let's delve into this point in more detail. Although the initial Aventi retail prices were exceptionally low for watches with a tourbillon, ranging from $1000 to $2000, their current collection is priced quite differently. The most affordable model, the Pure Sapphire A11-01, retails for $6500, while their most expensive timepiece, the Golden Tiger, is priced at almost $63,000.

Their flagship model, the A10, often dubbed as "a supercar on your wrist," is attractively priced at $2300, but it is currently unavailable even through the waiting list.

Aventi is also continually exploring and researching new materials and has already managed to patent some innovations, such as Saphite™. This material, more cost-effective than traditional sapphire glass, offers greater transparency and a wider range of colors, enabling unique and vibrant designs.

The use of a sapphire case is typically associated with top brands like Richard Mille, Hublot, Greubel Forsey, or Franck Muller. The prices for their models can reach several million dollars. Consequently, a watch with a sapphire case, boasting a distinctive design and priced at a much more affordable $15,000-$20,000, naturally attracts market attention.

The combination of technology, design, and price prompts serious consideration of the investment potential of Aventi. Seasoned collectors recall stories of the rapid rise of young brands. Although only a few have ascended to the upper echelons of the watchmaking world, the allure of adding watches from a prospective Richard Mille or FP Journe to one's collection at a relatively low cost offsets the associated investment risks.

However, a closer examination of the available information raises questions as to whether everything is as promising as it seems. Several of the laudatory articles appear to have been commissioned. Stories circulate on forums about high-volume lots sold at auctions, allegedly purchased directly by representatives of the Aventi brand to maintain hype. The production system, ordering process, and selection of future buyers through the so-called Aventi concierge service remain unclear and opaque, with all waiting lists currently closed.

In summarizing all the gathered information, we can draw the following conclusions. Aventi is an unconventional, dynamic, and promising brand with significant potential. Whether they will effectively harness and carve out their niche in the watch market or become lost among a sea of competitors remains an open question. Investing in Aventi currently poses a considerable risk; however, the potential returns are so substantial that interest in the brand will undoubtedly continue to grow.



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