Time Capsule: The Historic Watch from Hiroshima

Time Capsule: The Historic Watch from Hiroshima 01 March 2024

At an auction in Boston, a special watch was sold for 31,113 USD - a product that survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. The Watch had a copper case and its hands stopped when an atomic bomb exploded over the city at 8:15 am. As such, it is a unique artifact that preserves the exact moment in time when history changed forever.

The artifact was recovered from the ruins of Hiroshima by a British soldier who found it during a humanitarian mission to deliver supplies and assess the destruction. Now this watch is in the hands of a new owner, whose name was not publicly disclosed.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) expressed disagreement with the sale of these watches and sent a letter demanding to remove them from auction. They believe that such artifacts should not be the subject of commerce because of their symbolic meaning. So far, the auction organizers have not commented on this requirement.



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