Vacheron Constantin's Luxurious Offering: Reproducing Masterpieces on Timepieces

Vacheron Constantin's Luxurious Offering: Reproducing Masterpieces on Timepieces 28 March 2024

Vacheron Constantin is once again providing a unique opportunity for its VIP clients to adorn their wrists with a true blend of visual artistry and technical sophistication. The Swiss watchmaker has collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art to reproduce select works from its esteemed collection through intricate enamel painting on watch dials, a project reminiscent of their previous partnership with the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Clients have the privilege of selecting nearly any piece of art from the museum's collection, although there are some restrictions concerning copyrights for modern and religious works. With the dial size ranging from 38 to 42 mm, a focal point from the chosen painting must be meticulously chosen to suit the limited space. Each client enjoys a five-year exclusivity on their selected artwork, ensuring a unique piece that cannot be replicated for another Vacheron VIP during this time.

While specific pricing details remain confidential, these masterpieces are rumored to be priced in the range of six to seven figures. These creations come with a notable waitlist due to the meticulous nature of their production.

The craftsmanship involved in recreating renowned works such as Van Gogh's "A Wheat Field with Cypresses" in such miniature detail is truly remarkable. Beyond acquiring the timepiece itself, clients are treated to a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by its experts, as well as a visit to Vacheron Constantin's manufacture in Geneva to meet the skilled watchmakers and artisans responsible for crafting these exceptional timepieces.



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