De Bethune Kind of Grande Complication: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

De Bethune Kind of Grande Complication: Where Tradition Meets Innovation 15 April 2024

In 2011, De Bethune stunned the watchmaking world with the award-winning DB28. Now, they take it a step further with the DB Kind of Grande Complication, an exquisite timepiece that includes 8 complications and 2 dials and seamlessly blends tradition and avant-garde design.

This incredible watch features a dual-sided rotating case, offering two distinct personalities. On the traditional side, a blue mirror-polished titanium dial takes center stage, adorned with a mesmerizing sky crafted with hand-decorated stars of the Milky Way in white gold. These stars, created using laser-beam micro-milling, are gilded with 24-carat gold leaf. The dial also showcases a perpetual calendar and a three-dimensional moonphase.

Flipping the watch reveals a more contemporary side, with the crown now positioned at 12 o'clock. Here, you'll witness the remarkable caliber DB2529 in all its glory, alongside a power reserve gauge and a retrograde silver-toned indicator for the age of the Moon. Nestled at the six o'clock position is an ultra-light tourbillon, weighing just 0.18 grams and offering exceptional precision.

The De Bethune Kind of Grande Complication is a masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of watchmaking. Limited to just five pieces per year, each priced at $475,000, it combines the timeless elegance of traditional design with the innovative spirit of De Bethune. 



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