Norqain Wild One of 1: Customize Your Swiss Sports Watch

Norqain Wild One of 1: Customize Your Swiss Sports Watch 19 April 2024

Norqain, an independent watchmaking brand established in Nidau, Switzerland in 2018, is renowned for crafting functional and versatile timepieces. Despite its youth, the brand has made significant strides within a short timeframe. Embracing an active ethos, CEO Ben Kuffer has consistently championed the creation of high-performance watches. Under the guidance of Jean-Claude Biver, Norqain's Advisor to the Board, the concept of the ultimate sports watch was realized and developed in collaboration with leading Swiss suppliers.

A significant milestone for Norqain was the launch of the Norqain Wild One, a high-tech, robust, all-terrain sports watch fabricated from an innovative carbon fiber composite material in 2022. This model's intricate design provided ample scope for personalization. Notably, the brand has now unveiled a fully customizable iteration of this watch, introducing the incorporation of gold for the first time. Through a sophisticated 3D digital configurator, customers can now create a timepiece that reflects their individuality and aligns with their unique preferences, aptly named the Norqain Wild One of 1.

While Norqain is not the first to offer an online watch configurator, the scale of its customization program is noteworthy, providing a staggering 3.5 million possible configurations. The customization process encompasses 11 steps, commencing with the selection of movement, wherein customers have the option to choose between Kenissi or Sellita SW200 calibers. The initial decision also involves picking between white or pink gold for the 42mm case top. Furthermore, personalization extends to 12 color options for the shock absorbers and a choice of four different back plates.

The flank plate can be adorned in gold or NORTEQ colors and personalized with engraving. Customers can choose from six skeletonized and 12 solid or closed dial designs, as well as select from 12 colors for the rubber strap and various buckle choices. For the ultimate personalization, individuals can imprint an outline image, such as a portrait, logo, or text, onto the watch's sapphire caseback.

The Wild One of 1 configurator is now available on Norqain's website and through the brand's retail network. Notably, Norqain has set an ambitious goal of delivering all orders within three months from a logistical and manufacturing perspective. The Norqain Wild One of 1 starts at a price of CHF 15,560.



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