Only Watch 2024

Only Watch 2024 29 April 2024

Have you heard about Only Watch, one of the most highly regarded events in the watch industry? This year, the charity auction will take place on May 10th.

Established in 2005, Only Watch is a charity initiative dedicated to raising funds for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder that gradually weakens the muscles and affects approximately 1 in 3,500 boys. The creator of Only Watch, Luke Pettavino, has a personal connection to the cause as his son was diagnosed with the disease.

The primary fundraising activity of Only Watch revolves around the auctioning of exceptional timepieces generously created and donated by renowned watch brands. This biennial event has garnered immense support from the watch industry and has become a highly anticipated occasion for both brands and collectors in the horology community.

Operating as a community project, Only Watch relies on the kindness and backing of various stakeholders. From the unwavering support of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco to the participation of watch brands, event organizers, logistics partners, and media, the success of Only Watch is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all involved. Through the auctions, the Monaco-based charity organization has raised approximately CHF/EUR 100 million (as of November 2021) for research on Duchenne and genetic diseases.

It is worth noting that the operational costs of the charity represent only around 2% of the auction proceeds, underscoring the efficient allocation of resources towards the core objective of funding research.

Only Watch stands as a remarkable example of how the watch industry and its community can unite to make a profound impact on important causes. Through their collaboration and support, they have made significant contributions to advancing research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and genetic diseases, offering hope to those affected by these conditions.

To explore the whole captivating collection of unique timepieces, you can visit the official Only Watch website at: Only Watch Collection - 10th Edition


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