Everyone knows about such an elite accessory as a Swiss watch and dreams of becoming the owner. This is due to the high quality of such products, as well as unique, exclusive designs and extreme precision. In addition, having such an accessory is prestigious, fashionable and fashionable.

Brand creation

 Swiss Rolex watches have long been associated with all the inhabitants of the planet with a certain status of man and luxury. This brand is deservedly considered the most famous representative of Swiss watches. He is respected and known in all countries. The creator of the first Swiss watches Rolex was not a watchmaker, he was not even born in Switzerland. His name was Hans Wilsdorf, originally from Bavaria. The beginning of his journey began with the work in the company of his friend who is engaged in the export of Swiss watches. Then he decided to establish his own company, which worked on the same principle. Since Wilsdorf believed that the future belonged to a wristwatch, in 1905 he created the first, luxurious copy with a bracelet made of expensive metals. Many were surprised, but they liked the British.


From this invention began the popularity of the Rolex. The first company name sounded like Wilsdorf & Devis, which was changed to Rolex Watch in 1919. The quality and accuracy of the course has been and remains peculiar to the products, so the Rolex Swiss watch has been awarded the title of a chronometer. The company has made many incredible discoveries in the world of watches, this is also the first waterproof models, the products in which the date and days of the week automatically changed.


Rolex brand is one of the hundred most expensive companies in the world. Its capacity reaches 2000 hours per day. At the same time, there are some instances that have gained particular popularity and become true bestsellers.


The most fashionable models of Swiss watches of the company Rolex



Swiss Rolex watches are impeccable taste, the power of tradition and the latest technology with 100 years of history. The most popular and popular models of Rolex are:


Rolex Oyster Perpetual - according to statistics, the most popular model in Europe. They have a classic, metal case and bracelet, dial with jewelry. The mechanism is the most reliable. The model is equipped with a chronometer of the highest category.

Rolex Datejust– model presented in 1945. This is the first representative of a wristwatch with a built-in mechanism showing a calendar date. The case is metal, the dial with a built-in window for the date is simple and concise.

Rolex Day-Date - aesthetic pleasure, pure luxury. Made of platinum of the highest standard, the bezel is decorated with carvings and precious stones, an ultra-precise chronometer is installed. This is the only watch in the world that displays the date and day of the week completely.

Rolex Submariner - Rolex brand legend. The feature of this model is a ceramic bezel rotating at 60 degrees. Water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters.

Rolex Swiss luxury watches are presented by a variety of models for both women and men. Luxury accessories are equally elegant as new and used, and their mechanism is not subject to time.


You can get acquainted with the catalog of watches Rolex here.


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