The most influential name of the watch history is Patek Philippe. The company name, conservatism, high auction cost are inseparable. The watches of this company are called the best traditional models.

Patek Philippe: the history of independent manufactory



In the distant years, in the period of the bloody Polish uprisings, Anthony Norbert, a Pole by birth, fled and took refuge in Paris. In order to somehow earn a living, he began to resell cheap watches. He changed his name to Antoine Norbert de Patek. In 1839, together with his compatriot, he created the watch company Patek Czapek & Cie. The volume of the young company at that time was 200 hours per year.


Later, having met the French watchmaker Jean-Adriana Filippet, he connected to his idea to create a pocket watch that would not require winding and adjustments of the hands. This union has become very fruitful and successful. The invention was presented at many exhibitions and received many different awards, thus gaining world fame and popularity. Very influential persons, such as Pope Pius IX and Leo XIII, Queen Victoria and the Austrian Emperor, became customers of the brand.


After some time, more compact mechanisms were developed, which demonstrated the entire creative potential of the creators. They presented the world, watch-rings, made with precious metals and precious stones.


History in dates



Also in the life of the company were such significant events:


in 1916 they created the first women's wrist watches;

1925 became a landmark for the company with the release of the world's only model with a perpetual calendar;

in 1932, due to the economic crisis, the company was sold. The owners were brothers Jean and Charles Stern. Ever since, this family has been at the head of Patek Philippe;

in 1933, the watch was presented with the most complex at that time, clockwork. The pocket watch was made of yellow gold. At an auction in 1999, they were bought for 17 million Swiss francs, and in 2014 they went under the hammer for 24 million;

Since the 50s, mass production of the most sought-after models by chronograph and perpetual calendar began.

In the future, the company developed rapidly, creating a special department of electronics. The production of Golden Ellipse, in the form of an ellipse, where the principle of the "golden section" was observed, became an epic in the mass world. Models were presented for both women and men.


In the 80s a sports collection of already famous watches was released. They were waterproof. Initially, not having received wide popularity, now such models have become an indispensable attribute of every gentleman.


Company in modern times



The new branch of the company's history was the coming to the leadership of the third representative of the Stern family. Which by the 150th anniversary of the company prepared for the release of the Caliber 89 watch, which consisted of 33 complex functions and 1,702 parts and became the second most complex model of the brand. An interesting fact was the fact that Philip Stern, hoping to preserve the traditions and history of the brand, began buying up early models at auctions.


Now the company Patek Philippe has many offices and uses advanced manufacturing techniques and has a large number of influential fans. Models of this brand are the rarest and exclusive. Elite Swiss watches, which have conquered so many hearts, look excellent and are distinguished by accuracy, as the new ones are so supported.


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