Hublot Big Bang Unico SAXEM Green

Hublot Big Bang Unico SAXEM Green 15 February 2024


New Hublot Big Bang Unico SAXEM Green 42 mm was presented at LVMH Watch Week in Miami🔥

The retail price of the new product is 121,000 EUR, and only 100 units will be produced.

The high price is due not to the complexity of the watch (chronograph without other complications), but to the unusual material SAXEM - sapphire aluminum oXide Earth Mineral ("Sapphire, Aluminum, Oxide, Earth, Mineral"), which Hublot presented back in 2019. 

This material is harder than Emerald, which makes it very resistant to damage, but difficult to process. The color intensity of Axum is maintained at any angle, so the bright green hue of the Watch seems to be highlighted from the inside and visible from afar.

Hublot, of course, likes to experiment with materials, but often their price is unreasonably high. 


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