The Second Lange 1 Watch

The Second Lange 1 Watch 01 May 2024

Watch aficionados are buzzing about an extremely rare Lange 1 watch encased in steel with a blue dial. Thought to be a one-off, a second Lange 1 ref 101.026X has now appeared, challenging its uniqueness.

The first Lange 1 of its kind was sold by an Asian retailer, and now its twin is surfacing, expected to Phillips auction in Geneva for an estimated 150,000 to 300,000 Swiss Francs. But it’s not the solitary wonder many thought it was.

Purchased in 1999 in Germany and with warranty oddities implying a seemingly impossible reference number for its time, this watch is shrouded in mystery. Adding to the intrigue, A. Lange & Söhne confirms that they replaced its original silver dial with the current blue one, showcasing the brand’s custom work.

This second Lange 1 confirms the model's rarity and adds to the watch's story, with anticipation high for its auction. Watch fans are keen to see how much this twin will fetch and who will snag it up for their collection.



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