John Lennon's Patek Philippe Watch

John Lennon's Patek Philippe Watch 24 June 2024

The enigmatic tale of John Lennon's Patek Philippe 2499 is a rich narrative of music history, intense legal drama, and the elite world of vintage watch collecting. 

Yoko Ono bought the watch at Tiffany & Co. in New York for Lennon's 40th birthday, just two months before he was murdered in New York City outside his and Ono's apartment. This exquisite timepiece, with less than 350 pieces produced, is highly sought after among collectors, even without the famed provenance. 

However, the watch's journey has been far from ordinary. Reported stolen in 2005 (by Ono's former private driver, Koral Karsan), the precious Patek took on the air of legend—becoming the "El Dorado of lost watches." Yoko Ono, unaware of its disappearance, was eventually notified by Christie's of its emergence for auction many years later.

The latest twist in this gripping saga came when a Swiss federal court ruled in August 2023, favoring Ono's rightful ownership. This landmark decision is a testament to legal rights over sentimental value, despite the watch passing through various hands—including an Italian dealer who claimed ownership after buying it from Auctionata in 2013.

What heightens the intrigue is a heart-rending engraving revealed on the watch, unseen until now:




10 • 9 • 1980

N. Y. C.

These words poignantly echo Lennon's song and a moment frozen in time, mere months before his untimely death.



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