Did you know about “roulette” in Rolex DateJust?

Did you know about “roulette” in Rolex DateJust? 10 June 2019
Did you know about such an interesting Rolex Datejust feature as roulette? Surely not.

Did you know about such an interesting Rolex Datejust feature as roulette? Surely not.

We are telling. In some Datejust, the date changes from red to black, just like in a casino. Roulette was first seen in 1945. Then even dates were red, and odd dates were black. In modern versions, the opposite is true. Officially, Rolex does not call it roulette, they call it a two-color date. And only in these models can you find this feature: 116200/116201/116203/116231/116233/116234/116238/116243/116244, as well as with certain colors of the dial. So, it’s like luck to get a two-color date. On the other hand, Rolex is not a casino, so you can ask to bring it with roulette or simply order it.

By the way, you can also order it for Yacht-Master, Submariner, Sea-Dweller or Deepsea. And on GMT-Master II Pepsi it will be very pretty.


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