Daytona Mark I

Daytona Mark I 10 June 2019
To date, the most popular watch in the world, by far - 🔥 Rolex Daytona 🔥. As for the aftermarket, Daytona is the collectors' favorite watch. For example, for many collectors, chronographs are divided into 2 categories - Daytona and everyone else. No matter how you relate to them, but the fact remains. Now at the peak of popularity at auctions - Daytona Paul Newman, but there is another model that is worth paying attention to. This is Daytona of the very first issue - Daytona Mark I. This watch was produced only in a short period in 1863 and in limited quantities, which gives them every chance to become the most expensive Rolex chronographs. Despite the high cost of Paul Newman (from $ 80,000), now they can be found at every auction and not even in a single copy. Almost every self-respecting dealer has a copy of the Daytona PN. Mark I is impossible to find, although, for a minute, this is the very first watch with which the history of the model began ☺️ That's what bad PR means.


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