Urwerk has presented a new unique watch

Urwerk has presented a new unique watch 23 April 2023

Urwerk presented a unique timepiece - UR-105M "TRINITY T-REX"

This is an example of a 65-67 million year old, remarkably restored original fossil consisting of composite bones of three exceptional Tyrannosaurus specimens found between 2008 and 2013, all three of comparable size, quality and geologic origin from the Hell Creek and Lance Creek Formations in Montana and Wyoming . These sites are notable for two of the most important Tyrannosaurus finds.

Hand painted bronze bezel and black PVD titanium back. Four satellites, each with three hour digits, travel sequentially on the minute bus. The subtle ingenuity of the mechanism lies in the invisible carousel, mounted under the structure of the satellites, which is responsible for the smooth, silent operation of the watch satellites.

The watch was created in a single copy and was sold at an auction in Zurich for 123500€


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