New Coronation Scandal

New Coronation Scandal 07 May 2023

One of the scandals associated with today's coronation is the huge Kohinoor diamond, which was worn in the crown by almost all the last queens of Britain.
Queen consort Camilla was to be crowned with the famous 105 carat diamond, but a different crown will be used because ownership of Kohinoor is a moot point.
The priceless gem was presented to the King of Victoria by Duleep Singh, the last ruler of the Sikh state in 1852. A spokesman for India's ruling party said the use of "Mountain of Light," translated as Kohinoor, could bring back "painful memories" of colonialism.
And King Charles wants to keep up with the times. Therefore, his wife, in honor of the memory of Queen Elizabeth II, will wear a crown with Cullinan diamonds (III, IV and V), which were part of the late Queen's personal collection of jewelry and often used by her as brooches.


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