Hublot&Nespresso 20 May 2023

Hublot never ceases to amaze with experiments. Yesterday we showed a novelty of a cloudless sky, and today the brand has released a watch made from recycled coffee grounds and capsules ☕

In collaboration with Nespresso, the novelty surpassed everything that Hublot had done before.

28% of the 42mm case is made from recycled aluminium. One of the straps contains 4.1% coffee grounds and 8.2% recycled white rubber, while the other is made from recycled polyester with 5% coffee grounds. Both straps can be quickly replaced thanks to the One Click system.

Hublot made a reference to the co-branding in the design - the letter "N" on the end of the crown and the watch's bright green color, most likely inspired by the color of the Master Origins Peru Organic Nespresso capsules.

The watch is powered by the HUB1280 Unico caliber with a chronograph column wheel visible through the skeletonized dial. The movement is self-winding and has a 72-hour power reserve. 200 copies made, retail: 25200€


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