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CHRONO 10:10 sell swiss watches quickly and safely

It happens that the purchased items are idle and not used for a long time. "Unnecessary" may be Swiss watches. In order to sell Swiss watches without risks, you need to contact us for help - at the elite watch shop pawn shop Chrono 10:10. Pawnshop specialists conduct transactions in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, having a license to carry out this activity.

Before you sell the watch, we conduct their evaluation. The specialist examines the clock, verifies their authenticity. After that, the price will be set at which a used watch will be sold in Kiev.

The cost of the accessory depends not only on the state of the product. The price is affected by the availability of the box and documents, year of release. Another factor is the market situation, because with increased demand for a particular model, you have the opportunity to receive a large amount for it.

Cooperation with the pawnshop is the best option to profitably sell watches in Kiev. You can part with the old thing, and with the money you can get a new model, or you can exchange the old for a more desirable one. Chrono 10:10 guarantees a legally protected transaction, the provision of the necessary documents.

Why you should contact Chrono 10:10 to sell watches in Kiev

It is difficult to choose a suitable option among pawnshops of the capital. There are several reasons why Chrono 10:10 deserves your attention:

  • We work quickly, because we value the time of our customers;
  • Your personal data and conditions of the transaction are not transferred to third parties;
  • the paperwork is handled by professional specialists;
  • we offer a favorable price for your products;
  • the team builds trust with customers and takes into account their wishes;
  • we are honest in our work not only before you, but also before the law.


Collaboration with Chrono 10:10 eliminates the risk of being deceived. This is the only licensed pawnshop on the elite watch market and the only one-time pawn shop with a shop in the center of Kiev. Lombard will help sell watches quickly, safely and safely. We focus on results that will satisfy both parties. Be sure to contact us.



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