Consignment services

CHRONO 10:10 provides its customers with consignment services. This is a very profitable option for selling watches. If the buy out price offered does not suit you, you can leave the watch for commission sale. We will evaluate the product for free and make every effort to sell it as soon as possible.
Consignment services

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    Consignment services of Chrono 10:10


    Chrono 10:10 is a company that provides services for selling Swiss watches on consignment. This means that you can sell your watches through the Chrono 10:10 store, and the company's experts will help you evaluate the value of your item and sell it for the maximum possible price.

    In addition, before selling the watch, the company's master watchmakers perform a full preparation of the item. This includes disassembling and cleaning the mechanisms, replacing old lubricants, identifying worn parts and replacing them, as well as checking the accuracy of the movement.

    Consignment sales through the Chrono 10:10 store include listing the item on various trading sources, such as the website, social networks, and international professional trading platforms. When an interested buyer appears, the company's staff contacts the seller to clarify the details of the transaction.

    The commission for services depends on the value of the item, but in the case of a successful transaction, the seller receives exactly the amount that was agreed upon, and the percentage is added to the retail price.

    The company also provides transaction security and protects the interests of the seller and buyer.

    After the item is sold, the seller can receive the money in any convenient way, as the company works with both cash and non-cash payments

    If you have any questions, Chrono 10:10 staff are ready to assist you.