The best watch repairers in Kiev will do their best to help you with your watches. They are skilled to repair watches of any brand within the shortest deadlines and providing a high quality of service. Their experience and high precision equipment of world manufacture will help them to do that. The list of the services we offer includes replacing complicated spare parts and glass, ultrasonic cleaning, cosmetic repair of the case and the bracelet, polishing, changing the batteries and many others. A high quality of repair and service is available to our customers. We are looking forward to seeing you in Chrono 10:10!

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    Swiss watches have been considered the best for many centuries due to their unique movements and expensive designs. But even such models may need repair. It is extremely important to entrust the maintenance of Swiss watches only to qualified specialists who know the features of the design of such accessories. Importance of repair

    Watch models of Swiss origin – expensive accessories that require increased attention. Timely repair will help maintain further performance, as well as protect against more serious breakdowns. Reasons for renovation can vary. But the most obvious and common are:

    • moisture or dust getting into the mechanisms;
    • temperature changes;
    • damage from falling or impact;
    • mechanisms wear out over time and, as a result, they move incorrectly;
    • scheduled repairs and diagnostics of watches, which is carried out every few years.

    If there are malfunctions in the Swiss watch, you must immediately hand it over for inspection. At the same time, the maintenance of such an expensive accessory should be carried out by a competent specialist, which will eliminate the possibility of deterioration in performance after repair.

    Why you should contact Chrono10:10

    Our specialists – certified craftsmen who have been working for ten years and successfully solve many problems related to watches. Therefore, we are ready to offer the following services:

    • complete diagnostics of Swiss watches by highly skilled craftsmen;
    • replacement of any parts with original parts that fit your model;
    • polishing the accessory to make it look flawless;
    • replacement of original cases and straps;
    • ultrasonic cleaning using modern European-level equipment;
    • We are engaged in the replacement of batteries of various models of watches.

    of the ground rules. For more than ten years, we have been successfully delighting customers with a high level of service and an individual approach to each.

    Use the services of reV work employees of "Chrono 10:10" use exclusively European equipment. Also, after the repair, a warranty period is provided, so you can not worry about the safety of the accessory.

    We have a work permit and all the services provided are carried out within the legal framework. We only have original spare parts for original watch models. We do not engage in hack work, because maintaining an excellent reputation for us is one thing you can install watches in the city of Kyiv by contacting us in advance for advice or visiting a pawnshop. Our specialists train in Switzerland, so you can be sure that you are transferring an expensive accessory to safe hands. We are responsible for servicing watch models of different price segments.

    The breakage of an expensive accessory almost always costs a round sum. We, in turn, are ready to offer all of the above services at an affordable cost. Our employees can solve any problems related to watches and their mechanisms.

    Turning to the store, which is located on Podil, you will definitely receive high-quality European-level service and expert advice at every stage of service. Even if you are in Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Vinnitsa, Kharkov or another city in Ukraine, you can also use our services.

    Don't delay repairs, contact the professionals of "Chrono10:10"!

    Replacement of complex watch parts and glass, ultrasonic cleaning, redecoration of the case and bracelet, polishing, replacement of batteries – this is not a complete list of services provided. You will receive the quality of repairs and the highest level of service only with us.

    Waiting for you at CHRONO 10:10!


    1 year warranty on movement.


    Checking the watch for authenticity


    Watch diagnostics


    Replacing the battery



    - fashion segment

    from 100 USD and above (up to 200 USD)

    - business segment

    140 USD and above (up to 240 USD)

    - premium segment

    from 230 USD and above (up to 1000 USD)

    - luxury segment

    from 330 USD and up (up to 1300 USD)


    - fashion segment

    100 USD and above

    - business segment

    USD 150 and up

    - luxury segment

    USD 250 and up


    Travel accuracy adjustment

    15 USD


    - steel


    - gold


    - platinum

    USD 260


    - steel

    USD 240

    - gold


    - platinum

    USD 350

    Cleaning the case and bracelet with ultrasound


    Changing the belt

    15 USD

    Adjusting the length of the belt \ bracelet


    Sewing a leather belt

    from 280 USD

    Jewelry Service

    Polished + rhodium rings

    USD 60 and up

    Polished + rhodium pendants

    USD 70 and up

    Polished + rhodium-plated earrings

    100 USD and above

    Polished + rhodium chain

    USD 175 and up

    Ultrasonic cleaning


    Setting the stone


    Watch repair at Chrono 10:10

    Watch – an irreplaceable thing for those who follow the time and love stylish accessories. With their help, you can complement the image and emphasize the status. Sometimes even expensive models break down and cease to perform their functions. This is due to improper operation.

    Don't immediately spend a large amount on a new purchase. If you are used to your favorite accessory, you can contact Chrono 10:10, where they will repair Swiss watches.

    In their work, the craftsmen use equipment from the world's best manufacturers. This allows you to quickly and efficiently fulfill the order, regardless of the complexity of the breakdowns. Watch repairs at Chrono 10:10 are carried out by experienced specialists who have been trained in Switzerland.

    You should not repair your favorite accessory yourself, so as not to aggravate the situation. Entrust the work to our masters, even if it means changing batteries. The list of watch repair services in Kyiv also includes:

    • polishing of the case, bracelet;
    • replacement of glass, batteries, strap;
    • ultrasonic cleaning;
    • Checking and setting time accuracy;
    • restoration of tightness and repassage.

    Repair of Swiss watches in Kyiv also involves the prevention of mechanisms. Even if you do not use the accessory for a long time, every 2-3 years it must be taken to a workshop for technical inspection. The specialist completely disassembles the product and replaces the oil, adjusts the accuracy of the course.

    The product looks different after polishing the case and bracelet, replacing the strap. This service allows you not only to restore the functions of the device, but also to refresh its appearance.


    CHRONO 10:10 – a workshop that can be entrusted with the repair of Swiss watches in Kyiv


    Breakdown – problem that needs urgent solution. If without your favorite accessory you are like without hands, you need a master who will quickly and efficiently handle the order. With state-of-the-art equipment, Chrono 10:10 professionals can handle both simple and complex jobs. Our craftsmen know how to handle fragile materials and small details, so special attention and respect for your product is guaranteed.

    Follow the rules for operating the watch, and a long life is guaranteed. And in case of a breakdown, come to Chrono 10:10, where experienced craftsmen will help you. Thanks to high-quality work, a valuable thing can please not only you, but also future generations.